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About Us

At the Interaction Design (IxD) Group, we generate insights on how people will interact with robots and vehicles of the future. We are particularly interested in shared performance of tasks, recognizing and adapting to humans' cognitive and emotional states, how to handle human-computer disagreements, and opportunities for learning and adaptation.

Using simulation techniques, and emphasizing human participant experimentation, in lab and field settings, we prototype and test interactions to understand how best to design our future.

Recent Publications

Dylan Moore, Rebecca Currano, G. Ella Strack, and David Sirkin. 2019. The case for implicit external human-machine interfaces for autonomous vehicles.11th International ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehiclular Applications (AutoUI'19), Utrecht, Netherlands, 1-13.

Ernestine Fu, Srinath Sibi, David Miller, Mishel Johns, Brian Mok, Martin Fischer, and David Sirkin. 2019. The car that cried wolf: Driver responses to missing, perfectly performing, and oversensitive collision avoidance systems. 2019 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV'19), Paris, France, 1-10.