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We are engineers, designers, and social scientists with broad interests: shared control with automation, the emotional experience of automated driving, opportunities for learning and adaptation, human-machine interaction, machine learning, driving styles, and moral decision-making.

Current Team

Our team includes researchers and students with a broad range of experiences in engineering, design thinking, psychology, product realization, and design innovation.

Executive Director
  • David Sirkin PhD leads our group under Prof. Larry Leifer's DesignX lab. David received his Ph.D. from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering (Design), and master's degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and in Management.
Postdoctoral Scholars
PhD Candidates
  • Sonia Baltodano, PhD Candidate (post-defense)
  • Ignacio Cases, PhD Candidate in Computational Lingustics
  • Lawrence Domingo, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
  • Ernestine Fu, PhD Candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Mishel Johns, PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • David Miller, PhD Candidate in Communication
  • Dylan Moore, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering (post-defense)
  • So-Yeon Park, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
  • Srinath Sibi, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
Research Associates
  • Madison Largey, Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford
  • Rosa Lutz, Undergraduate in Cognitive Science at UC Santa Cruz

Lab Alumni

  • Wendy Ju, PhD — Former Executive Director of Interaction Design Research, now Asst. Prof. at Cornell Tech
  • Lorin Dole, PhD — Google
  • Xiao Ge, PhD Candidate
  • Jamy Li, PhD — Asst. Professor at University of Twente 
  • Malte Jung, PhD — Asst. Prof at Cornell University
  • Heather Knight, PhD — Asst. Prof. Oregon State University
  • Nik Martelaro, PhD — Accenture Labs, future Asst. Prof. at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Brian Mok, PhD — BMW
  • Jack Qian, PhD Candidate
  • Rob Semmens PhD — Asst. Prof. at Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
  • Marco Spadafora, PhD
  • Martin Steinert, PhD —Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
  • Clara Dewey
  • Brittany Hallawell — EaglePicher Technologies
  • Halsey Hoster — Amazon Lab 126
  • Nikhil Gowda — Nissan/Renault
  • Catherine Smith
  • Annabel Sun — VirtualQ
  • Hamish Tennent — Volkswagen ERL
  • Stephen Yang — PhD Candidate in Computer Science, Stanford University
  • JD Zamfirescu — PhD Candidate in Computer Science, UC Berkeley

If you're interested in joining the IxD Lab as an undergraduate or graduate student, please contact our Executive Director. If you're interested in joining as a visiting scholar, please visit this page for information on the application process and policies at the Center for Design Research.